Technology Partner

We bring the best technology from our partners to push the boundaries of what is possible, harnessing the power of innovation to unlock new opportunities and drive sustainable success in the dynamic world of oil and gas. 


Oilenco designs, engineers, and manufactures specialised downhole tools. They have some of the best and most innovative engineers and use this creativity to build solutions that simplify operations, save time and cut costs.  The company focuses on developing a diverse range of well intervention related products, ultimately intending to save time during well intervention operations. Oilenco has the design experience to engineer tooling that can support customers with even the most demanding of challenges.


Drilltools Ltd is an independent engineering design and development company that specialise in innovative solutions to drilling problems. Founded in 2014 the company has its office and operations base in Aberdeen. The directors of Drilltools have a long track record in oilwell drilling and intervention and carry this experience through into their designs. The focus of design is the improvement of safety and efficiency of drilling operations, especially in more challenging environments.


Since 1987, Metrolog has been involved in designing and manufacturing of flow, pressure, and temperature downhole memory gauges for the oil and gas industry. Metrolog products have acquired an international reputation for their versatility, quality, and reliability in very hostile environments – including high-pressure, high temperature-conditions, and very long-duration operations.

MPC Future Co., Ltd. (MPC)

MPC was established in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand by a group of experienced engineers and specialists, with the intent of providing more than just workover, snubbing, and wireline services. The team places a great deal of focus on providing customers with an engineering solutions approach to elevate the level of value brought to customers. With this as their business vision, MPC quickly gained a reputation in Thailand as a premier provider of workover and snubbing services.


Nawie Oilfield Services (NOS) is a locally owned company located in Borneo East Malaysia with experience in the Oil & Gas industry working in providing and performing servicing in Thru Tubing Intervention and Surface Equipment including Fabrication. NOS are specialist R&D tool design, rental, and sales with operation planning support that also offer the complete solution according to the client’s requirements.


Impressive Logging Services (ILS) was established to be a premier cased hole logging service provider to the upstream Oil & Gas Industry. ILS has worked hand in hand with other service providers to provide the best solutions to their customers, including through tubing cement evaluation, subsurface formation evaluation, and integrity well logging.